Company History

A uniquely American success story, Chenille Appeal was founded in a garage in 1994 by Mark and Tammy Kennon.  At the time, Mark was managing the largest sporting goods store in Northwest Missouri and grew frustrated at the 6-8 week delivery schedule for custom chenilles, causing unhappy retail customers and money tied up in inventory that couldn’t be moved as quickly as other products.  Convinced he could do better, he and Tammy put everything on the line and signed an equipment lease through Sports, Inc., a leading buying group.  They began manufacturing chenille awards part-time from a 200 square foot garage at the home they rented with the help of their children.

Chenille Appeal Wholesale Letterman Jacket Awards and Custom Chenille Awards

At Chenille Appeal, we are dedicated to making whatever capital investments are necessary to support the growth of our wholesale letterman jacket awards business.  Our leadership in the custom chenille industry is so established, manufacturers of equipment often ask us to test prototype machines on our production floor and recommend changes before taking them to market.

Since selling its first product, Chenille Appeal has grown to be one of the most recognized and celebrated domestic manufacturers of athletic patches and embroidery in the nation.  The firm sells only wholesale through a network of sporting goods stores and dealers, refusing to undercut its customers by going direct as is with the case of several of the larger chenille providers in the United States.  The company has made a name for itself through its 3-4 week delivery program for custom patches, names, and numbers. The company expanded year after year, eventually offering letterman jackets and varsity jackets as a one-stop solution for their dealers.

All Chenille Appeal employees are located within the United States.  From its state-of-the-art factory near Kansas City, Missouri, the company is able to distribute to customers ranging from Alaska to Florida.  Building on its success, management has invested substantial capital in expansion and new employment over the past few years to lay the groundwork for future growth.  That means that when you buy from Chenille Appeal, you are supporting an American company that creates American jobs and pays American taxes.  With most of the profits reinvested back into the company, every varsity letter or patch is not just a success for us, but for our nation.  At Chenille Appeal, we are grateful to have had the opportunity at the American dream. We look forward to another seventeen years of success, helping our loyal dealers satisfy their customers and their grow profits.