Chenille Letters

Wholesale chenille varsity letters are awarded to students for academic or athletic achievement. Chenille letters are also used by corporations and businesses for branding purposes. In this short introduction, you will learn why Chenille Appeal is a leading custom chenille letter manufacturer and the basics of ordering varsity letters for a jacket and how we can help you deliver to customers in the midst of the busy season.

An Introduction to Designing and Ordering Wholesale Chenille Letters

Wholesale Chenille Letters in Full Block Font for Varsity Jacket

As a leading manufacturer of wholesale chenille letters we can produce virtually any order, from the smallest and most straight-forward varsity letters to orders of thousands of wholesale chenille letters with custom embroidery, sports pins, and intricate detail to match any font or style.

When you are ready to order wholesale chenille letters, or wholesale varsity letters as they are called in some parts of the country, there are a few things you want to know to make sure you get exactly what you want. As one of the leading manufacturers of wholesale chenille letters in the United States, Chenille Appeal has extensive experience in the business. We created this basic introduction to designing and ordering wholesale chenille letters to help you as a starting point to becoming one of our authorized dealers, especially if you sell wholesale varsity jackets.

No Minimum Orders on Wholesale Chenille Letters

One of the things that makes Chenille Appeal different is that our wholesale dealers can place orders for chenille letters with no minimum quantity. That means if you need only a single chenille letter at a time, you can order it! (There is more information on our quantity policies for chenille letters below so continue reading.)

The Options for Wholesale Chenille Letters

When you design your wholesale chenille letters, you have countless options, including having us match an existing style or design!

  • Size: The size of your chenille letters is determined by where it will be placed on the varsity jacket, letter jacket, or letterman jacket, whether it is junior varsity or varsity, and regional preferences. A vast majority of the chenille letters we sell to our wholesale dealers are 6 inches.
  • Felt Layers and Colors: You can choose between single felt, double felt, or even triple felt chenille letters. The felt is the number of layers of sturdy backing upon which the fuzzy chenille is stitched. Single felt chenille letters are more economical and less expensive, but double felt chenille letters have an awesome layered look, are generally sturdier, and have a much more professional look to them. We produce huge quantities of both types of chenille letters for our dealers each year.
  • Inserts: You can add embroidered Swiss inserts or metal pins to your chenille letters to show the activities in which a student or athlete participates. For instance, you could have a track foot embroidered onto a chenille letter, or a track foot pin placed upon a chenille letter. These cost very little additionally and make a big difference in personalizing chenille letters for the end customer.
  • Chenille Letter Font: We offer a huge range of font choices for your chenille letters including full block font, script font, plain block font, dimensional font, old English font, and much more. We can even match any type style samples you send us so the only limit is your imagination!
  • Border Type: You can choose traditional chain borders (tight stitching) or fat, fuzzy borders (so-called “chenille” borders) for your chenille letters. This depends upon your region. Almost all dealers choose traditional chain borders for their chenille letters.

Chenille Letter Quantity Discounts

There are a number of quantity discounts available on chenille letters. You can read about our rebates and discounts for more information.

Get Your Finished Wholesale Chenille Products Faster with Us

Our reputation is built upon delivering finished products such as embroidered patches and wholesale varsity letters to our customers in as little as 3-4 weeks versus 6-8 weeks for competitors. This formula is one of the reasons we’ve been able to grow so quickly and become such a recognized and respected force in the sporting goods industry. That means that chenille letters ordered from us will most likely end up in your hands faster than they would if ordered anywhere else. It’s part of our commitment to achieving unparalleled customer service. For more information, read Working With a Wholesale Letterman Jacket Awards Supplier.

How the Process of Ordering Chenille Letters Works With Us

Dimensional Chenille Letters for Varsity Jacket

This is a dimensional chenille letter, which is one of the many styles of chenille letters available through Chenille Appeal. If you are an institutional buyer or a sporting goods store, please contact us to learn how we can solve many of your custom chenille needs.

There are two main ways you can order your chenille letters from us. Please note that we are a wholesale only business. We do not sell retail or to the public. If you attempt to buy from us, we will discover it in the information gathering stage when we research the credentials you submit to get an account opened so we politely request that you don’t waste your (or our) time.

  1. If you are an authorized dealer, you can log in to our wholesale ordering system and begin customizing your products immediately. We even offer on-demand tutorial videos that walk you through the process of designing your chenille letter to make the process nearly effortless! As mentioned above, our wholesale dealers have no minimum quantities on their wholesale chenille letters! That means you can order as few, or as many, as you need at any given time.
  2. If you are a corporation, school district, or other “institutional” buyer such as a team representative, you can email a quote request to us using our contact form, explaining the specifics of your chenille letter order. Be as specific as possible and we’ll get you prices and information, typically within 1-2 business days. This type of order is subject to minimum quantities due to economies of scale requirements.

About Chenille Appeal, LLC

Chenille Appeal, LLC is a leading manufacturer of wholesale chenille letters, chenille patches, and chenille mascots and provider of wholesale varsity letterman jackets. The company is located in the United States, and is proudly American owned and American operated. Our factory is located north of Kansas City, Missouri and allows us to ship throughout the continental United States in a matter of a few days, giving us a competitive advantage. The company built its reputation on its status as one of, if not the, fastest large-scale chenille manufacturers in the industry, often producing finished chenille patches in as little as 3-4 weeks versus 6-8 weeks for most competitors.