Chenille Name Patches

Our wholesale chenille name patches can be customized with sweep tails, multiple layers of felt, and virtually any color combination. We offer embroidery accents, and almost any size you need, whether for a varsity jacket, letter sweater, or team uniform. If you have specific requests, such as a non-standard font, we can probably accommodate you, thanks to our talented art department and top-of-the-line software systems. For re-orders, these can be added to your account manager in our wholesale ordering system so fill-in orders can be placed within seconds, customization and all!

Wholesale Chenille Name Patches for Varsity Letterman Jackets

Wholesale chenille name patches for varsity jackets are a breeze thanks to our top-of-the-line custom chenille software, wholesale ordering system, and talented employees. We are one of the largest manufacturers of these beautiful products in the United States and use only American workers as part of our business model. Please note the image of the custom chenille name patch is copyrighted. Any use on any site other than this one will result in copyright violation and Chenille Appeal will defend its intellectual property to the fullest extent of the law.

The process of manufacturing a wholesale custom chenille name patch is straightforward:

1. Orders arrive at our Midwestern facility in St. Joseph, Missouri, halfway between Kansas City and Omaha. They are delivered electronically through our wholesale ordering system.

2. Employees check the system. If payment is received, terms are met and the order is complete, it is moved to pre-production. Orders at this stage are grouped together until our weekly cut date when they are moved into production. At the production stage, changes cannot be made.

3. The wholesale chenille order is transferred to an in-house technology database that helps run our production department. This new cut or batch is sorted by color, product type, and other factors. It is then prepared into spreadsheets so runs can be completed as efficiently as possible using our proprietary allocation models.

4. All the custom chenille products are then moved into the cutting department, where they are removed from the felt sheets, trimmed and checked for quality.

5. The finalized products go to the shipping department, which matches products up with the original wholesale order. The product is prepared for shipment and the tracking number is entered into the wholesale ordering system so our customers can track their merchandise.

6. The wholesale order is closed and archived in the system. Dealers still have access to these orders through their order history tab inside their account manager. These are useful for future reference about past orders, color combinations, etc. This also tracks a dealer’s yearly volume with Chenille Appeal, LLC, which is used to determine the discount level. (For more information, read about our Wholesale Dealer Rebates and Discounts).