Chenille Patches

Wholesale Chenille Patches with Optional Embroidery

Chenille Patches with Embroidery for Varsity Letterman Jackets

Our custom chenille patches can be embroidered, have direct inserts added, and personalized to match virtually any design in countless color combinations.

We provide a huge selection of available wholesale chenille patches including with optional embroidery.  Sports patches, state patches, award patches, academic patches, music patches, and more can all be created, designed, and customized to your exact specifications!  With generous quantity discounts, we even recommend retail prices for our wholesale customers to help them earn attractive profit margins on their chenille patches.

More Information About Wholesale Chenille Patches with Embroidery

Chenille Patches Remain Key Product for Chenille Dealers: For many chenille dealers such as a sporting goods store or team sales rep, wholesale chenille patches will traditionally make up between 25% and 50% of your volume, excluding the value of the wholesale varsity jacket itself.  This category of products includes chenille patches such as embroidered sports patches (baseballs, footballs, track feet), embroidered state patches, activity patches (such as band, choir, or cheerleading), and more.  Based on sales volume, chenille patches typically beat out the second most popular category, chenille letters. They often provide higher profits per unit for our dealers, as well, due to the customized nature of the embroidery.

Embroidered Sports Patches: Chenille Appeal is a leading manufacturer of wholesale embroidered sports patches.  We’ve designed and produced hundreds of thousands of patches for our dealers throughout the United States.  Over the past decade our experienced management team has developed a process that streamlines the creation, manufacturing, embroidery, cutting, and shipping of these personalized sports patches in as little as 3-4 weeks during the regular season.