Digitizing and Graphic Design

Digitizing Embroidery and Custom Chenille

Overview of our Digitizing and Graphic Design Services

We can turn virtually any design you can imagine into a finished embroidered or chenille patch thanks to our expert staff and considerable investment in graphic arts technology.

  • Match a design or product you have offered in the past, including replicating letterman jacket patch styles, colors, embroidery fonts, and more.  Whether you send us a sketch on a the back of a napkin or a sample of the product you want duplicated, the odds are we can accommodate your needs.
  • Create complex embroidery designs for varsity jackets, garments, and apparel.
  • Create mixed-media effects by combining chenille, embroidery, and tackle twill.
  • Work with you to create unique mascots, emblems, and other design elements to offer your customers updated, modern designs.

If you have questions, please contact us.  If it involves custom chenille and embroidery, the odds are good we can help you achieve whatever it is you desire.