Embroidered Swiss Inserts

We are a leading provider and manufacturer of embroidered swiss inserts for varsity letters and other letterman jacket award products. All of our embroidered swiss inserts are made right here in the United States at our factory, located in St. Joseph, Missouri (approximately halfway between Omaha and Kansas City).

Overview of Embroidered Swiss Insert Capability

Embroidered Swiss Inserts

Ordering wholesale embroidered swiss inserts takes only seconds with our state-of-the-art wholesale ordering system.

Our wholesale embroidered swiss insert manufacturing capabilities include a lot of benefits such as:

  • Virtually any embroidery and felt color combination on all embroidered swiss inserts
  • Embroidered swiss inserts can be sewn directly on to a wholesale varsity letter, sports patch, embroidered patch, or other product if you order it from us at the same time.  This offers our network of dealers are huge time and convenience advantage because they don’t have to arrange for a local seamstress to put everything together.
  • Custom embroidered swiss inserts available.  If you don’t see what you need on our site, in many cases, our talented graphics department can make it for you.
  • Ordering embroidered swiss inserts takes seconds in our new state-of-the-art wholesale ordering system.
  • Depending upon the time of year, we can often produce thousands of inserts faster than virtually any other large-scale producer in the industry.