Wholesale Embroidery

Despite being known for our wholesale chenille business, Chenille Appeal's wholesale embroidery division is actually larger than many stand-alone embroidery factories! This fact often comes as a delightful surprise to our network of wholesale dealers, who find themselves relying on us for many other product lines such as embroidered tackle twill team uniforms.

Although we are known for our wholesale chenille business that manufactures chenille letters, chenille patches, and wholesale varsity jacket awards, Chenille Appeal’s wholesale embroidery department is actually larger than many stand-alone contract embroidery factories!  This little known fact is often a delightful surprise to those who open an account with us as a chenille dealer and ultimately find themselves also using us for services such as tackle twill team uniforms.

From Humble Beginnings to Full Scale Industrial Wholesale Embroidery Capability

When our firm first launched in 1994, we quickly added a small embroidery machine that was capable of handling only a few embroidered sports patches at a time.  Over the years, we acquired more and more machines, originally outsourcing much of our embroidery needs and capabilities to a third-party contract embroidery business.  As our wholesale chenille business grew exponentially, we found ourselves often in need of and therefore purchasing embroidery machines capable of handling the increased unit load required by our expanding network of dealers including sporting goods stores, schools, and team dealers.

The 2006 Acquisition of the Wholesale Embroidery Company

In 2006, we acquired the contract embroidery company that had been providing wholesale embroidery services to us.  The equipment and personnel were merged into our wholesale chenille factory and allowed us to grow this product line virtually overnight.  This removed a huge restraint in our production time and allowed us to open to new customers once again, providing our famous 2-3 week delivery on wholesale chenille products (in order to protect our reputation, we have been known to turn away new dealers if it threatens our delivery record – that is how dedicated we are to keeping our word to customers).

The Role of Wholesale Embroidery in Our Business Today

Our in-house wholesale embroidery business plays an important role in keeping us ahead of the competition when it comes to the chenille business.  Among other things, it is responsible for:

  • Embroidered sports patches
  • Embroidered Swiss inserts
  • Tackle Twill team uniforms and custom jacket sewing
  • Mixed-medium chenille and embroidery mascots and emblems
  • Direct embroidery on wholesale varsity jackets
  • Corporate embroidery jobs for a select number of clients, such as dress shirts, apparel, bags, and hats
  • Wholesale embroidery digitizing services.  Our in-house designers and network of industry contacts are capable to reproducing virtually any design into embroidery formats that you own.  We can make disks available to you on a download basis or email them directly to your contact address.